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Adding a Little Spring Décor

With the long harsh winter nearly over, I am excited about the wonders of spring. I can’t wait to unpack my spring wardrobe from storage. I’m also looking forward to spending some time outdoors in my flower garden. However, before I venture outdoors, I need to give the inside of my home some attention by adding a little spring décor. During this time of year, I decorate my home with pastel, bright hues. For instance, I like to fill white dainty teacups with beautiful artificial flowers. I also like to display whimsical items such as a multicolored Easter bunny. On this blog, you will learn how to transform the interior of your home this spring.

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Adding a Little Spring Décor

Transform Your Home With Contemporary Mediterranean Style

by Melinda Collins

Mediterranean design conjures romantic images based on the architecture and style of the countries surrounding the sea. Most of the design elements are decidedly historical, which may seem to make them at odds with contemporary style. In fact, luxury interior design is all about incorporating different elements to make your rooms uniquely yours. Transform your home by blending contemporary with Mediterranean style.

Foundation of the Mediterranean Style

The foundation of any style is its color palette. With Mediterranean style, the palette naturally reflects the sea, so clear shades of blue ranging from turquoise to azure are common. The neutral base is usually white, though sandy beige is possible. Accent colors include terra cotta, yellow, espresso, and lavender.

Tile is very popular in this design style. Other common materials include bronze, wrought iron, natural stone, and wood. Typically finishes are distressed to give them that time-worn appeal. Ornate detailing, such as in the furniture or trim, is common.

Basics of the Modern Style

Elements of modern style may seem to run counter to design inspired by Mediterranean countries. For example, minimalism is typically favored. Clean lines, often inspired by clear geometry, are popular with contemporary design. The materials are similar, though — metal and stone with glass replacing the wood.

Modern color palettes offer a wide range of options. Typically, they're either bold or monochromatic. So, you might see opposites such as black and white with a single bright hue for accenting. Or you might see shades of the same color.

Tips for Blending the Styles in your Home's Interior

One way to blend Mediterranean with contemporary style is to update the former. For example, choose one of the characteristic colors, such as yellow, for a monochromatic color scheme. Choose wooden furniture, but opt for those with more modern lines. Likewise, instead of elaborate wrought iron, look for pieces with geometric designs.

Conversely, you could tone down elements of modern design. For instance, Architectural Digest describes a bedroom which softens the edges of geometric pieces with cushioning and soft fabric. The palette is bold — cream and espresso — but not quite as stark as straight black and white.

Sometimes you can maintain the integrity of both styles and still blend them seamlessly. For instance, your palette could be monochromatic beige, which is typical of modern style. You could have Mediterranean prints mounted in minimalistic frames and hang them gallery style. You could even get a little playful by hanging an ornate chandelier over minimalist furniture. It's simply a matter of maintaining a level of cohesion in the overall look.

Blending two diverse styles such as Mediterranean and contemporary can be tricky, but the end result could be luxurious. Are you at odds with how to redesign your home? Contact a business such as Raquel Garcia Design for help.